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Yoshino B4000 Solid-State Portable Power Station- 4000W | 2611Wh
B4000 SST (2611Wh)
Yoshino B2000 Solid-State Portable Power Station - 2000W | 1326Wh
B2000 SST (1326Wh)
Yoshino B660 Solid-State Portable Power Station - 660W | 602Wh
B660 SST (602Wh)
Yoshino B330 Solid-State Portable Power Station - 330W | 241Wh
B330 SST (241Wh)
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Off-grid Lifestyle

Enjoy More Freedom with a Solid-State Power Station

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Experience the Outdoors with the Reliability of Solid-State Power

What People Are Saying

SST is more efficient, more convenient, and safer than traditional liquid electrolyte-based lithium batteries.
Solid-state batteries are impressive for their advanced properties and functionality.
The same amount of power fits into a smaller, lighter package compared to traditional lithium batteries.
They are designed for home backup, off-grid applications, and powering small industrial machinery.
The first consumer unit of its kind to make use of solid-state lithium technology.
The Yoshino B2000 SST come with more power and ports than some options we tested.

Lighter, safer, increased power, longer life - that's the power of Yoshino's Solid-State Technology.

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