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Yoshino SP200 - 200W Solar Panel

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Break free from traditional power sources and make the switch to a sustainable alternative. Lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry, this portable solar panel is the perfect choice for Yoshino power stations. Two panels can charge our B2000 in approximately 4.5 hours, or use three panels to charge our B4000 in approximately 5.5 hours.

Model: SP200 Solar Panel

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  • Lightweight & foldable for easy portability​
  • ETFE protective lamination
  • ​IP67 water-resistance rating​
  • 23% solar efficiency rating

Portable, Limitless Solar

Advantages of Yoshino Portable Solar Panels

Easy Portability

Foldable Design

Enhanced Durability

Universal Connection

Water-Resistant for any Adventure

Experience reliable, worry-free renewable energy with our durable and water-resistant solar panels that withstand the elements and keep generating power in any outdoor environment. These solar panels feature an IP67-rating and an ETFE lamination.

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Tech Specs

Comprehensive details outlining the specifications and features of the portable solar panels.