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Why Solid-State Technology?

Yoshino batteries are built around a state-of-the-art solid electrolyte in place of the bulky and flammable liquid electrolyte found in traditional lithium-ion batteries. This improves performance in practically every way and represents a giant leap forward for battery technology.
Yoshino PPS


Liquid electrolytes are flammable and can catch fire if a battery is damaged or overheated. By using a solid electrolyte, our SST batteries have greatly reduced risk.

Lighter Weight

Higher energy density means the same amount of power fits into a smaller, lighter package—up to half the weight per watt compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Fast Charging

Solid-state technology allows for faster charging—up to 80% capacity in under an hour—giving you reliable, portable power that’s ready to go whenever you are.

More Power

Solid-state batteries provide up to twice the power per pound of traditional lithium-ion batteries, meaning you can carry more power with you to tackle bigger tasks.