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Why Solid-State Technology?

Yoshino batteries are built around a state-of-the-art solid electrolyte in place of the bulky and flammable liquid electrolyte found in traditional lithium-ion batteries. This improves performance in practically every way and represents a giant leap forward for battery technology.

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Mobile Version Yoshino B2000 Power Station on Mountain Top with Scenic Hills, Sky, and Clouds

Power beyond your home

Experience the next generation of portable power

"Solid-state batteries, which do not contain liquid electrolytes and can charge quicker, last longer and be less prone to catching fire than the lithium-ion batteries currently in use. "

Washington Post

"While we marvel at the power of solid state technology, it's the quiet revolution within that truly empowers our future."

The New York Times

Honored for the Recognition

B4000 Solid-State Portable Power Station

At only 53 lbs. the B4000 delivers 4000 watts and 2611 watt hours, providing unmatched performance with ultimate portability.

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Effortless Control at Your Fingertips

Check your power station's status, charge levels, runtime, and settings right on your phone. The Yoshino App puts you in complete control of your portable power.

Unleashing Reliability: The Yoshino Power Journey

Our story began with a vision to empower lives through reliable power solutions. Today, Yoshino Power stands strong, providing cutting-edge equipment for critical backup power during challenging times.

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