Power beyond limits with safer, lighter, more powerful solid-state technology.

What is a portable power station?

Battery power stations can charge and power all manner of electronic devices, from phones to power tools, thanks to AC, DC, and USB outputs. And, unlike gas-powered generators, they are quiet and safe for use indoors and out.

Maximum Portability

With a higher energy density, our SST power stations deliver up to twice the power per pound compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. This means more power in a smaller, lighter package.

Safety First

Made without a flammable liquid electrolyte, the solid-state batteries in our power stations pose a much lower risk of fire, and smart internal monitoring ensures they stay within safe operating temperatures.

Many Ways to Charge

Our power stations can be recharged using both AC and DC inputs, portable solar panels, and even USB-C on supported models. Charging times are incredibly fast, with some power stations able to reach 80% capacity in one hour or less.

Advantages Over Generators

With nearly silent operation and no exhaust fumes, Yoshino power stations can be safely used indoors or out and at times when the loud noise of a gasoline-powered generator would be inappropriate.

Why Yoshino?


High energy density for more power in a smaller package.


Smart temperature control, no flammable liquid electrolyte.

Higher Power

More power-per-pound than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Long Lasting

Solid-state batteries can handle more charge cycles before they degrade.

USB A and C

Keep your personal devices charged.

AC and DC Output

Connect all kinds of power tools, equipment, and appliances.

Solar Charging

Optional solar panels can charge power stations with 100% green energy.

LED Light

The unique built-in lamp makes it easy to find the right port, even in the dark.

The power to go anywhere.

Whether it’s for your tent, car, home, or RV, there's a Yoshino power station built for your needs.

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Power Beyond.

Solid-state technology makes Yoshino power stations more powerful, more portable, and safer than those powered by traditional lithium-ion batteries.

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B660 SST

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B4000 SST

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B330 SST

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B2000 SST



Read about how solid-state technology brings a new level of safety to portable battery power.

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With a power-to-weight ratio up to double what’s possible with traditional lithium-ion batteries, Yoshino SST power stations are built to go anywhere.

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ETL Listed

Every Yoshino portable power station comes with full ETL certification.