Solid-State Technology

The next major evolution in battery technology is here. Yoshino power stations are the first to be built around solid-state batteries. By doing away with the heavy and flammable liquid electrolyte in traditional lithium-ion batteries, Yoshino solid-state batteries put more power into a smaller package, recharge faster, and are safer to use. That’s power beyond.

Solid-State Battery

A solid electrolyte is used in place of the traditional liquid electrolyte, cutting down bulk and increasing the power-to-weight ratio up to 2X. Get more power at the same weight, or less weight for the same power.

Increased Safety

Liquid electrolytes are flammable and can leak or cause a short circuit if the battery is damaged. Solid-state batteries, despite having much higher energy densities, are actually safer, both in use and during storage or transport.

Multiple Ways to Charge

You’ll find at least three ways to charge every Yoshino power station: AC, DC, USB-C, or solar. And thanks to the increased safety of solid-state batteries, larger power stations can draw up to 1,800 watts to fast-charge to 80% in 70 minutes or less.

Power Beyond Innovation

Just as the original lithium-ion battery ushered in a new era for portable power, our solid-state power stations are changing the world by helping people stay connected wherever they are: while traveling, on a job site, or at home during a blackout.

It’s All in the App

The Yoshino mobile app unlocks additional features of your power station. Monitor charge level, battery health, connected devices, and more.

Yoshino Power station and phone with app displayed

Weighs Less so You Can Do More

The higher energy density of Yoshino solid-state batteries puts more capacity in a smaller, lighter form factor for truly portable power.

The Advantages Are Clear


High energy density for more power in a smaller package.


Smart temperature control, no flammable liquid electrolyte.

Higher Power

More power-per-pound than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Long Lasting

Solid-state batteries can handle more charge cycles before they degrade.

USB A and C

Keep your personal devices charged.

AC and DC Output

Connect all kinds of power tools, equipment, and appliances.

Solar Charging

Optional solar panels can charge power stations with 100% green energy.

LED Light

The unique built-in lamp makes it easy to find the right port, even in the dark.

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